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Wild Icelandic Horses


Working with horses is one of my favourite ways to help clients gauge their emotional and mental health. For leaders and professionals, this information is priceless.


Horses have an uncanny ability to mirror what we are feeling, even when we aren’t aware of what’s happening inside ourselves. They do it in the most gentle and non-judgmental way possible. 

What’s unfolding for you?

If you notice yourself feeling off, frazzled, ungrounded, easily reactive, or dealing with anxiety, these amazing creatures can help. 


That’s why I love offering Equine Biofeedback Sessions where you come work with one of my horses.


I’ve been fortunate to have these guides since I was a young girl. Now I want to share them with you.

Dr. Clouthier with her horse

Horses Help You Feel

With horses, you can’t be distracted or multi-tasking. Horses teach you to be fully present and force you to feel and focus. This can help bring you back to the present moment… and to yourself. When you do, you connect to your inner calm and reclaim emotional stability inside yourself. 


Emotions don’t just impact mood; they shape your health and communication.


Being able to regulate your nervous system and control your emotional response is one of the most helpful things you can do for your mental and physical health. Why? Because every thought and emotion you have impacts every cell in your body. Also, when you manage your emotional responses, you are better able to navigate social interactions and communicate effectively.

Become a Better Leader

Working with horses will also make you a better, more powerful leader.  By regulating your own emotions, you will have greater ability to:

  • Remain calm in stressful situations

  • Navigate busy days with a grounded presence

  • Make key decisions from a focused mind

  • Handle challenging people without reaction

  • Appreciate differing perspectives on your team

  • Communicate clearly and confidently

"Working with Sarah and her horses helped me set fears aside and be more present. To me, it is a challenging and worthy goal to strive to be present. This work was much more effective for me than downloading to a therapist once a week. Since our sessions, I have not only been more present but also calmer and can keep my thoughts in perspective much more easily."


-Laura G. 2023 

Transformational Experience

SarahClouthierMD Equine Biofeedback_edited.jpg

The sessions are gentle,
illuminating and transformative. 

Reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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