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Dr. Sarah Clouthier Private Health Programs

Optimize Your Health to Take Life to the Next Level


When clients come to work with me privately, they usually fall into one of three scenarios. See if you can relate.​ In each scenario, my priority is goal-directed care. We focus on what you want to achieve and optimize your health to support you!


Your high work demands are putting significant strain on your health, and you know you can’t continue this way.


You just “don’t feel right”, and despite seeing many specialists, you still don’t have answers or solutions that last.


You’re generally healthy and want to do everything you can to be your best now and in the future – for you and your family.


If one of the above scenarios resonates, our transformational programs can help you get to the bottom of your symptoms and heal once and for all. 

During our six months together, we take a deep dive into your health and wellness goals with a whole person approach. This means we look at all factors that influence your health, from your genetics, to your stress levels, to what nutrition works best for your individual body. 

Using this model along with functional medicine testing, we get to the root cause of your symptoms and develop a personalized health plan fully customized to your needs.

This is my favorite way to work with patients. I really get to know you and together, we can peel away so many of the layers affecting your health and healing. The bonus, you have a board-certified integrative medicine physician holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way through the journey!


If you’re not yet sure if the 6-month program is for you, a great place to start is the Special Integrative Medicine Consult.

This is for you if:

  • You want a review of your health through an integrative lens.

  • You’ve seen multiple practitioners and require a cohesive plan. 

  • You’re interested in functional medicine testing to ensure nothing is being missed under the surface.

  • You want to ensure you are doing everything to optimize your health now and long into the future. 


Dr. Clouthier working on Macbook

Connect with Dr. Clouthier for a complimentary 20-minute consult to see which program is best for you. 

Imagine what’s possible for you!

“I pride myself on taking the time to treat and care for you as a whole person, not a number or a symptom. When your health plan is as unique as you are, we can set you up to thrive!”

– Dr. Clouthier


I offer a number of specific, customized programs depending on your health needs:

Healthy Heart


This program is for you if you have a family history of heart disease, or risk factors already appearing, and you want to be as proactive as possible in keeping your heart healthy.

In Healthy Heart, you receive testing that goes beyond what the conventional system offers and support with manageable lifestyle changes to ensure you’re doing everything within your control to prevent disease from developing. I’m there to guide you every step of the way with support, education, nutraceuticals and other modalities – since we know that prevention is your greatest defense.

Hormone Balancer


This program is for women who want to balance their hormones and regain control of their lives without the use of birth control, hormone replacement therapy or surgery.

Maybe you are experiencing irregular or painful periods or menopause is a nightmare (and full of night sweats). You just want relief and to feel “normal” again – without the weight gain, irritability, brain fog or changes in your sex drive. When we determine and support your body's underlying needs, you get to regain control of your life, instead of your hormones controlling you.

Gut Reset


The Gut Reset program is for you if you experience indigestion, gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements, and symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue or inflammation.

If your gut is off, other systems in the body are also suffering. Your gut is one of the immune system's first lines of defense. It plays a large role in metabolism, and whether you absorb crucial vitamins and nutrients properly. Once we restore balance in your gut, you’ll notice better digestion, more energy, a clearer mind and stronger immunity.

Brain Booster


Are you dealing with moodiness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, or noticing your memory is just not as sharp? Maybe you’re forgetting things and that’s worrying you, especially if you have dementia or Alzheimer’s in the family.

A high-functioning brain is one of our most valuable assets, yet we aren't taught how to maintain a great brain. If you are struggling with mood or cognition or just want to do everything you can to maintain your brain into old age, Brain Booster is for you.

Connect with Dr. Clouthier to see which program is your best starting point. Additional programs can be added as needed to optimize your health.

Success Story

“I started to work with Dr. Sarah because I wanted to get to the root of my health issues and decrease the number of medications I take. In just over a month, I’ve already lowered my blood pressure naturally and completely stopped one medication. The best part? With the simple changes I’ve made, I have more energy than I know what to do with!” 

–Bob G

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